There are a ton of pay to click website out there with new ones cropping up everyday. We did our best to weed through them and pick out the cream of the crop, with the best reputations.

MYPOINTS Probably the most well known and biggest of the pay to click websites, MYPOINTS offers points for completing offers, reading emails, completing surveys, shopping, and other activities. The points accumulate quickly (depending upon your habits) and can be redeemed for Gift Certificates (and occasionally other offers.)

MORATRAFFIC Pays out cash and points for just about everything you can think of!: Completing offers, chatting, reading emails, surveys, clicks, referrals, playing games, and more. In addition they have an excellent payout level minimum of $5 (this is harder to find and the mark of a company interested in its users- most of the click to pay have a threshold of $25 and upwards before you will receive a payment.) Points can be redeemed for prizes.

CASH CRATE Another quality program with a great rep and an excellent payout level of $10. They pay for completion of offers, surveys, shopping, and more! They also have point offers that can be redeemed for prizes in the prize shop.

SEND EARNINGS Offers cash for a wide variety of things including reading emails, surveys, playing games, shopping, completing offers, and much more. They have a higher payout threshhold of a $30 minimum, but they made our list because they offer a $5 signup bonus and the offers all pay very well, so the $30 payout is not hard to obtain. Plus they have an excellent reputation amongst users.

GATHER This is a neat pay to post community where each activity you do (posting or replies to posts in the community) earns you points. The points add up quickly and can be redeemed for gift certificates or prizes. The gift cards are an awesome bonus, but we have to admit that connecting with other Gather members and sharing information, ideas, and conversation is the best!

(More Websites and Information Coming Soon!)

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